Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones

Watching your child grow up right in front of your eyes is an exciting time. Parents will be able to witness all types of events and developmental milestones that their baby will have. Some children reach these points earlier than others, but they will all experience them at one point or another.

The first year of your baby’s life is full of events. Your baby will begin to roll over, which is one of the first developmental milestones that they will reach. This event will allow them to begin utilizing their body and gain necessary coordination skills at this time. Your baby will then begin to make sounds as they try to utter the words that they are hearing. It is also their form of expression for when they are happy or mad. After spending most of their time lying on the stomach or back, a baby will begin to sit up on their own, which is great for their balance. Crawling will be the next milestone that they will reach.

Around the same time, their speech will begin to become more enhanced and parents will often times find that they can utter one or two words. A baby will also begin to point to things that they want, which makes it easier for a parent to understand their needs. Laughing is also a normal occurrence as well.

After the child has mastered the balancing of sitting up-right, they are going to start to stand up and try walking. This is an important time for parents to be with their baby, as they will often fall down. A parent will have to make sure that there is an open space for the child to walk, in order to avoid them from bumping into sharp objects or sharp corners of furniture. Once your baby has mastered walking, they will now begin to attempt running. Parents will surely experience a workout while chasing after their child and making sure that they are being safe.

A baby’s developmental milestones are exciting for both the parents and the child. It is an unforgettable time that will only happen once and should be cherished.

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