Feeding Newborn Baby

Correctly feeding a newborn baby is vital to its proper development. Many essential nutrients are found in milk – whether it is breast milk or baby formula. What a parent actually chooses to use, is based on their personal preferences.

Breast milk is naturally produced by mothers and is one of the most common sources of food for a newborn baby. Many mothers who breast feed state that they have a better bonding experience with their newborn baby. A major benefit to breast milk is that it has no preservatives. However, a drawback to the use of breast milk, is that a mother must be careful of what she ingests or drinks, as it will come out in the milk. For example, if the mother has alcoholic drinks, some of the alcohol may be found in the breast milk. This would not be safe for the baby, and the mother would have to continue with a restrictive diet past the actual pregnancy period. She would need to refrain from ingesting harmful foods or drinks. Many mothers choose to use breast milk because it is the most inexpensive way to feed their babies.

Another way to feed a newborn baby, is through the use of baby formula. It is produced to contain every vital nutrient that a baby needs, including those that are not found in breast milk. The formula can come in a powder or liquid form, with the powder version being cheaper than its liquid counterpart. This type of food is easy to use because it accessible to the mother, the father and any caregiver. One drawback to formula, is that is artificial and contains preservatives. It is also presents an added expense to the household. This form of feeding is popular with women who have full-time jobs and do not have the time for breastfeeding or that do not have the time to use a breast pump.

Feeding a newborn baby can be accomplished with breast milk or baby formula. Both have their own benefits and both can help a baby grow into a healthy child.

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